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작성일 : 14-09-29 15:11
Upgraded Silicon Nanowires by Metal-Assisted Etching of Metallurgical Silicon A New Route to Nanostructured Solar-Grade Silicon
 글쓴이 : 최고관리자
조회 : 1,032  

 We have investigated the MaCE characteristics of MG-Si and UMG-Si for the first time. Superior purification of dirty Si was observed, from 99.74 to 99.9884% for the MG-Si powder, and from 99.999772 to 99.999899% for the UMG-Si wafer during fabricating large areas of SiNWs on their dirty mother substrates. By photo-electrochemical tests, we verified that upgraded dirty SiNWs exhibited a superior performance over their mother substrates if the surface recombination was well controlled. Our approaches open a new way for upgrading MG-Si to solar grade, and have a great potential to reduce the solar device cost without sacrificing the conversion efficiency.